OpenProtect's SpamAssassin sa-update channel

OpenProtect' SpamAssassin sa-update channel is obsolete since SARE stopped updating their rulesets. Please stop using this channel.

SpamAssassin includes a script named sa-update to update the spam rules automatically from different channels to catch different kind of spam. To read more about sa-update, see sa-update.

We guys at OpenProtect have created a channel which contains the recommended rules in the SARE - SpamAssassin Rules Emporium. This way, rules can be updated easily using sa-update, which ships with SA versions above 3.0. SARE rules catches different kinds of spam including adult, spoof, stock tips, fraud spam etc.

SARE provides several rules, some which have versions from 0-4, 0 being the one that catches most spam, while not blocking any ham. Versions 1-4 which are new rules, which don't yet hit lots of spam but blocks too many ham, are not present in this channel. We have included all the 0 rules and other single version rules, and this has been tested on our servers to give the highest spam catching rate, while having low FP(False Positives) and have less memory consumption too.

Steps to use our channel

Follow the steps below to have our channel working on your mail server or any computer with SA > 3.0 installed on it.

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